J.R. Hubbard, Owner

J.R. began with Selecta in ’93 as manager and became the owner in ’03. He lives in SF with his wife and 2 sons. His father was one of the original owners. J.R. is an avid fly fisherman, known well for his barbecue skills, and attends auto body workshops and seminars around the country with regularity.

Dieter Serke, Matriarch

Dieter has been with Selecta since it’s conception in ’76, when he served as co-owner. He’s originally from Osaborg, Germany and enjoys his annual Summer trips to Pittsburgh, PA – visiting friends, relaxing and working on his garden.

Anthony Molinas, Shop Manager

Anthony joined Selecta in 2008. He’s family – J.R.’s wife’s cousin, and has proven to be an outstanding addition to the management team. He also has some real skills on the hoop court and competes in local city leagues.

Jackie Hubbard, Office Manager / Ninja

Jackie has had many years of experience in an office setting and hopes to organize Selecta so that everything flows smoothly for customers especially. She’s the only female in the shop so she loves it when customers (of her same gender) come in so she can get a dose of sanity.