Selecta is a certified B Corp and green body shop

Selecta is proud to operate as a B Corporation. B Corp certification is to sustainable business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. At Selecta Auto Body we have a unique opportunity to build our new shop from scratch – from the ground up. Taking advantage of modern equipment, such as our new ultra-eficient spray booth and construction materials we’ve made a commitment to our customers and ourselves to make Selecta as Eco-Friendly as possible. Learn more about B Corps here.


B Corp



We have replaced all window fronts and replaced all glass panes of the building’s skylights in an effort to let as much natural light in as possible. This works well with the reflective surface of the ceiling’s insulation, reflective light housing to maximize natural light therefore minimizing the need for artificial lighting. We’ve installed reflective dual ballast light fixtures that use LED bulbs, (one of the highest efficiency bulbs in the market). All lights in work areas are on motion sensors with AB mode which means only half of the lights can be turned to save energy when possible. The LED lighting in our office area are also on motion sensors to maximize efficiency. Additionally, lights automatically adjust to natural lighting.

spray booth.png

Spray Booth


We have installed a new spray booth that is one of the more high-end and high-efficient models on the market today which utilizes a filter system that removes 99.7% of particulates to help protect the environment. It is equipped with a heating system that recirculates heated air which is highly energy efficient. We have an air-curing system for water-based paints which the city of San Francisco mandates shops to use which we have been for well over three years.




We have de-constructed all the support frames for the roof and have re-used existing materials and retro-fitted structure with steel. The mezzanine was renovated with existing wood as well as donated wood.


Electrical System


All electrical work in the building was completely upgraded to accommodate all equipment and tools to avoid overloading circuits while keeping all environmental standards in mind.


Air System


It was a goal for us to make sure that air circulation was adequately planned so that employees, customers and neighbors are protected. Air turnover system that we have installed is double the requirements set forth by the city of San Francisco.





It is our belief that plants are beneficial to the aesthetics and physical environment; therefore we have installed plants to boost the oxygen levels in our workplace and help off-set carbon dioxide and chemical air pollutants that a typical repair shop produces.


Detail Shop


Our detail department specifically uses environment-friendly products that have low to no V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds) to adhere to our mission on becoming a “green” repair shop. Special consideration and testing products went into our choice of products we use. We have installed special drains that separate oil and sediment as an extra preventative measure to avoid groundwater contaminants. The installation and use of low volume high pressure washers contributes in our aim to reduce water consumption. We use the HEPA filter in our vacuums for interior detailing which is the best filtration system for these types of equipment because it controls particles from recirculating in the air.


Repair Shop


Another step we’ve taken as a shop is to be the first shop in San Francisco to use FESTOOL products, a revolutionary, technologically advanced dust extraction system which is new to the market. It extracts and reduces bi-products of sanding. Whenever possible, we use equipment that is powered by high-efficient air compressor instead of batteries. Our goal in the future is to be more efficient by installing solar panels to re-charge battery operated equipment.

prep dust.png

Prep Station


We have designed our prep station to be fully enclosed in order to control and minimize dust in the workplace.




Great thought went into being green with respect to the office area. We are in process eliminating paper whenever possible and going digital. We use portable and rechargeable estimating carts to take advantage of charging during off-peak hours giving ability to use all equipment during the day. All desks and benches in the office are made from recycled wood and steel. All lights are LED (more efficient less energy).




We have installed low flow toilet tank, a “no-brainer”. Also, we have installed a filter system which takes full advantage of the great drinking tap water that the city of San Francisco provides. It is noted as one of the best drinking water in the nation and we encourage our employees to stop buying bottled water by giving them their own refillable bottles.Lastly, our tankless hot-water heater is beneficial because it only provides hot water when needed instead of constantly heating a tank.


Hazardous Material


We use a specialized local company experienced in handling hazardous materials. The shop is equipped with leak-proof container to ensure proper storage and removal. Our employees are trained in the most effective techniques to work with pollutants, chemical solvent and other material that can be harmful.